The Benefits of Offshore Services

Are you looking to expand your business and reduce costs?
Do you want to scale your operations quickly and cost-effectively?
Do you want to make your team more productive?

Offshore Services may be the answer.

What are Offshore Services?

Offshore Services (also known as “offshoring”) outsource technology services or processes to a service provider in different countries. Offshore Services have become popular through the years, allowing companies to achieve greater productivity, reduce costs, and streamline operations, directly impacting a company’s bottom line. The strategy provides many short- and long-term benefits.

The Advantages to Offshoring

Save money. Offshoring Services allows you to leverage lower foreign labor costs, reducing your payroll expense. You eliminate the need to budget for benefits such as health insurance, worker’s compensation, Social Security, raises, and bonuses.

You reduce your operating costs because you no longer must provide your professionals with a desk, laptop, or software when you offshore services.
Also, you drastically reduce your training costs because you are tapping into an already skilled and highly qualified group of professionals. If you maintain an in-house development team, you are responsible for their training and development.

All these savings combined reduce your operating expenses and increase your revenue.

Save time. When you offshore services, you free up your employees to focus on the tasks they are most qualified for, resulting in a happier and more productive workforce. As management, when you’re no longer fighting fires and troubleshooting all day long, you regain the ability to focus on your core business function and goals, becoming more efficient and strategic. Having more time results in better planning which drives progress.

Access skilled labor. Some countries have a greater pool of qualified and experienced candidates ready to fill different roles and positions abroad. Offshoring gives you access to this highly regarded group of professionals without having to absorb the costs of recruiting, hiring, training, and benefits.

Keep your business operating 24/7. Unhindered by time zones, a company can be productive 24 hours a day, even seven days a week. Offshoring to a different time zone allows companies to get the most out of a 24-hour day. When you go home at night, your offshore team takes over, completing essential tasks and projects and returning them to you for review in your morning. This allows you to get more done in a day and increases your overall productivity. Operating around the clock can also extend your customer support hours without employing and managing multiple shifts. Making support representatives available around-the-clock will keep your customers happy, increasing loyalty and revenue.

Speed to market. How fast you bring your product or application to market matters. The sooner you can sell it, the sooner you’ll turn a profit. Offshoring services allow you to speed up your delivery by tapping into qualified talent that compliments your in-house team and provides around-the-clock production.

How to Get Started with Offshore Services

Offshoring can benefit every type of business, regardless of industry or size. Enlisting the help of an Offshore Services expert can help you navigate this new way of doing business, ensuring that you experience all the advantages of offshoring and none of the disadvantages.

At ACT Professional Solutions, we offer offshore solutions for supplemental staffing, application development, web development, and call center support.

Contact our Offshore Service Specialists today if you seek a reliable partner to help you extend your operations and save money. We’re ready to help you grow.