How Break/Fix Services Help Your Business

It’s never a good time for a technology problem to arise, and when it does, you need an experienced professional to provide immediate and reliable assistance. But what do you do when tech support is unavailable?

Some of the largest and most successful companies solve this challenge by partnering with a reputable National Break/Fix Service Provider.

It’s common for businesses to require expanded remote support to field daily technology challenges. Many companies also need more boots on the ground to cover locations around the country. National Break/Fix Service Providers supply skilled and reliable technicians and engineers ready to support ongoing and on-call technology needs anywhere in the country. This service supplements your service team by providing you with additional talent when you need it most, without employing them on a part-time or full-time basis.

What Are Break/Fix Services?

Break/fix services are a fee-for-service method of providing IT services to businesses. In other words, you only pay your provider for the work completed. Here’s a sampling of ACT Professional Solutions’ break/fix services, with some tips on what to look for when evaluating your break/fix service needs.

Deskside support. Your employees depend on various software, hardware, and peripherals to do their job. Ensuring the reliability and uptime of these devices can be overwhelming. A National Break/Fix Provider should deliver reliable support that keeps your team running smoothly. Services should be flexible, ranging from an on-call solution to manage service requests and answer maintenance questions to part-time and full-time on-site desktop support.

Project support. Project support is a vast category and looks different for every business. It’s crucial to select a service provider who can help you evaluate your needs and then staff your projects appropriately. For example, at ACT Professional Solutions, our teams manage and complete infrastructure refreshes and updates, system upgrades and migrations, rollouts, recalls, and more. Select a service provider who can provide full-service project support.

Office moves and relocations. Whether you are moving an entire office or a specialized team, the process can be disruptive if not handled properly. Select a provider who employs moving and relocation specialists with the experience and necessary resources to plan and complete every move with minimal disruption and maximum system availability. For example, at ACT Professional Solutions, we provide every client with a project manager responsible for the entire execution. Your provider should offer comprehensive support, beginning with the initial site planning through reinstallation and system assurance testing. Ensure they adhere to manufacturer specifications for computer room layout, machine placement, work/safety clearance, power, A/C, and cabling.

Smart hands support. Large companies require boots on the ground every day, often in many places simultaneously. The payroll expenses and management oversight can be daunting. ACT Professional Solutions solves this challenge for clients by dispatching field service technicians to a client’s site whenever needed. Technicians collaborate with service desk agents via phone and video conference to ensure problems are resolved quickly and accurately, without employees leaving the office. When hiring a Smart Hands Support Team, ensure the technicals fulfill duties according to your detailed instructions.

Addressing Concerns about Break/Fix Services

Loss of control. Some National Break/Fix Service Providers offer an innovative hybrid field service model that allows you to control the daily activities of the on-site engineers while avoiding direct employee costs. For example, at ACT Professional Solutions, we provide clients with skilled professionals on a full-day or half-day basis, allowing clients to prioritize and control which tasks get worked on.

Cost. Investing in break/fix services means you only pay for the services you need. The pay-as-you-go model is particularly advantageous when you already have an internal team handling your high-level strategic technology needs.

However, if you lack those internal resources, Managed IT Services may be better.

The Bottom Line About Break/Fix Services

Break/fix services are ideal for large enterprises with an IT support team in place but require additional talent and support on an as-needed basis. While break/fix services aren’t for everybody, there are certainly advantages to partnering with a National Break/Fix Service Provider, including:

  • You get a short-term staffing solution when you need it most.
  • You work with one company to manage all the talent and staff you require.
  • You’ll never lack boots on the ground.
  • You can customize your team with the skillsets you need most at that moment.
  • You can supplement your Service Desk with additional engineers to help field high call volumes.

At ACT Professional Solutions, we tailor a custom solution to meet the needs of every client. Contact one of our specialists today to learn how our Break/Fix Services can help support your end-users.