As our world becomes more digital, consumers crave the personal touch. They don’t want to get lost in an automated help system. When there’s a problem, people want to talk with a live, responsive, and knowledgeable human being who will listen to their concerns and help them resolve their issues. That’s where our customized call center solutions help businesses around the globe.

No matter what type of business you conduct, providing exceptional customer service will continuously set your business apart from your competition. Our Call Center Solutions will help you reduce costs, increase your profits, and retain customers by delivering around-the-clock support in a timely fashion.

An Enhanced Call Center Support Solution

Your call center solution is customized to your needs. Whether by phone, text, email, or live chat, you can feel confident that your customers will be satisfied due to our 24/7/365 presence, meaning no call goes unanswered. Also, because we are committed to providing exceptional quality and service, high standards are set, and we conduct regular follow-up and monitoring of our agents. The results of monitoring are used to improve our processes and responses continually. Progress reporting of all support activity is provided upon request to keep you informed. Our team becomes a seamless extension of your team.

How Call Center Agents Are Hired

We recognize that the individuals answering the phones need to represent your business and culture. They need to know your business model, philosophy, and policies. That is why we put you in the driver’s seat by doing the following:

  • Presenting you with qualified agents that you ultimately select
  • Training the agents to your specifications or turning them over to you for training if you prefer
  • Ensuring the same agents speak with your customers every day

Absolute Commitment to Customer Service

At ACT Professional Solutions, we stand by our core values of Trust, Loyalty, Integrity, Honesty, Teamwork, and Commitment. We know the quality of work depends on the quality of our people, and our culture supports the growth of our employees and partners.

Contact us today to learn how our phone support solution can improve your profitability and customer satisfaction.


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